Savings points system

Savings program
With our savings program you save points with every order that can be exchanged for a discount code. For every €1 you spend in our webshop, excluding shipping costs, you will receive 1 savings point. In order to save loyalty points, you must be logged in with your customer account when placing your order. Don't have a customer account yet? Then create this.
It is possible to save points per customer account. Reward points are only awarded for orders placed on our website. The points saved are calculated per order after an approval period of 14 days. After these 14 days, the right to return expires and the savings points will be credited. Earned points will be rounded down per order. You can exchange the 500 points you have saved for a discount code worth €25.
Validity period of the loyalty points and discount code
The validity of the loyalty points is unlimited. The automatically received discount code is valid for 180 days. The savings points saved can only be exchanged for a discount code worth €25 and not for money, for example.

Classic Beauty & Fashion is not liable for the fraudulent use of loyalty points. If you suspect that an incorrect credit or debit has taken place, you are obliged to report this to Classic Beauty & Fashion.

Change in savings program
Classic Beauty & Fashion reserves the right to withdraw savings products, change them or add new savings points. Classic Beauty & Fashion also reserves the right to change the required number of savings points required for a discount code.

Where can I find my savings points?
If you click on your account at the top right, you will see, among other things, Savings Program in the window. Click on it and you will get 3 tabs, namely, Redeem, My Discount and History. When redeeming, you will see the saved points on the left and any reserved points on the right. The reserved points will be credited within 14 days. When 500 points have been saved, the "500 points" button will light up and can be activated. Upon activation, an email will be sent to you with the unique discount code. The My Discount tab displays the discounts you have previously enjoyed. In History you can retrieve invoice data and possibly download and save or print invoices.

Rules of the game
By using the Classic Beauty & Fashion savings program, you declare that you have taken note of these general savings conditions and you agree to them.

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