"Wasgeluk", the perfect solution for wonderfully scented laundry. Is there anything better than long-lasting, wonderfully scented laundry? In Italy they use "Wasgeluk" by Essentia for this. It is a highly concentrated laundry perfume, not comparable to fabric softener. This is something completely different... Our product is Italian! You use the washing perfume in addition to your regular detergent. "Laundry happiness" is the finishing touch for your laundry. The perfume contains small micro-capsules. By rubbing the fabric of your favorite sweater, for example, the capsules open, so that you are subtly reminded of the wonderful scent throughout the day. "Wasgeluk" by Essentia stands for soft, refined scents. By adding the best essential oils, this gives a very pleasant, refined scent experience... we call this Wasgeluk! Shop your favorite scents here.

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